Many attorneys have previously served as international patent specialists
in NGB Corporation. Some are former patent examiners in the Japan
Patent Office(JPO).

Our knowledge of patent systems worldwide and experiences
communicating with our foreign associates assist us in providing clear
perspectives regarding filing strategy and prosecution in view of the
Japanese practice in comparison with US and EP practices.

Professional relationship with the JPO can help obtain broader scope for applicants, by frequently having discussions and conducting personal
interviews with the examiners.

To cover wide range of technologies and further increase cost efficiency,
the firm's technical experts are often utilized to draft patent applications
and arguments under the supervision of a patent attorney.


Our design team includes attorneys who became very experienced
in filing and prosecuting design applications worldwide during their
careers in NGB Corporation. We not only advise filing strategies
for our multinational clients, but often provide our clients with
opinion work.


We provide trademark filing and prosecution services for our
international clients. With help of NGB Corporation, we also
provide renewal services for careful protection and management of
your trademark rights.

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